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.... The Concept (where it all begins)

Your own or borrowed from experts!

The concept is the first building block. The corner stone upon which the plan will revolve and eventually be executed.

Ideas don't grow on trees! nor do they spring up from nowhere.

But if they appear to do so, when it comes to building a new home or refurbishing an old one, write down the concept - what the dwelling is intended to provide.
CONCEPTSROOM.COM - Connecting Interiors, The ConceptIt starts with an idea and perhaps even before that with a need.

The concept can be as fuzzy as the image to the left in the beginning and with a little effort and collaboration, the concept can take shape and be formalized into a coherent, practical and perfectly doable project.

In housing, the base structure of the concept would depend on individual circumstances and choices.

One of the big constraints is the budget allocation. Wisdom over many years dictates that you keep around 25% more for unforeseen expenses and a time extension of as high as 30%.

Locality, neighborhood preferences, number and age of children, transport facilities and commuting ease, need for educational institutions, places of worship, shopping arcades, emergency services etc. all come into the concept equation.

Based on the above, the concept will progress to establishing the size of the dwelling unit. Whether on one level or split. Whether single apartment type in a managed society or detached with a garden. With one or more garages. With traditional (typical of the neighborhood) materials or one that is radically different.

For each decision, weigh the advantages and disadvantages x 1.25 (exaggerate the disadvantage). For example, if you would like go in for wooden floors, tabulate the distinct advantages of wooden floors v/s other types of flooring available in that vicinity with a pointing system of 1 and then in the next column annotate the distinct disadvantages but with a pointing system of 1.25. It would take over 5 advantages for every 4 disadvantages to tip the balance in favor of wooden flooring.

Plot or apartment location, geographical orientation for approach and safe exit, levels, base material for structure, insulation, pest control, plumbing including drainage, electrification including safety sensors, natural lighting and ventilation, parking spaces, gardens, themes, colors, gadgets, fixtures and appliances are some of the core aspects of conceptualization.


The Builders

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