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... For dwelling units - you pay by the Sq.ft for the structure. It appears more like by the Sq.Inch for the interiors ...

The bare bones unit may be purchased at a steal. It is the cost of the interiors that will pinch.

It pays to conceptualize - build accordingly and defer purchases of interiors, where possible for the times when the prices are marked down.

All interior ware will sooner or later be put up on sale. Be on the lookout for good deals and capitalize on them.

"Haste makes waste!".
CONCEPTSROOM.COM - Connecting Interiors, PurchasingCare to count the number of items portrayed in the image to the left or even the number categories they fall under?  

Tip:  There are four kinds of ventilation provided for in this room.  Natural, Cooking area electric evacuation, ceiling electric fan & HVAC

Then there is the question of themes and color schemes. When purchasing material for dwelling units there is a lot to consider as in the case of a kitchen unit a selection or pre-selection has to be made long before work begins. Changes due to an after-thought or unavailability of some components could prove costly in both time and money.

If a purchase has to be made before the item is put in place, you will need to have the facility for safe storage and an easy, cost-effective access to it when actually required.

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