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.... Home (made to order)

Your Home is Your Castle!
Home is Where the Heart Is!

Not withstanding these perfectly true adages, it is everyone's desire to live as comfortably as possible.

The home is always built around a concept. Here at, we touch upon the basic aspects for a dream home.

We have put together a summary of the wisdom of many professionals in the field.

Above all, build your home on rock.
CONCEPTSROOM.COM - Connecting InteriorsIn the city, far suburbs or in the country-side, homes have been built built for millennia. Some of the civil engineering regulations and thumb-rules have been established centuries ago.

It is important to conceptualize and plan carefully before venturing on this very important aspect of human existence.

Think for now. And think ahead. When building, think at least a century ahead.

Think Green. It always pays to protect the environment and it always comes back to bite when nature is violated.

Think Safe. Whether is is about procedures, or processes, consider each with regards to safety and security. Whether it is within the ambit the law and common sense. Circumventing either has a habit of coming back to bite.

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